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We are aware that for many of our customers ' MobileRota ' may well be the first application that they have tried to install upon their mobile phone.

This page is an attempt to help you install MobileRota successfully on your phone and as such has been broken down into sections for your convenience.

Mobile Phone Issues
iPhone and Android Installation Instructions
BlackBerry Installation Instructions
Website Issues
Shift Generator Help

User Manual

If you can't find what you are looking for please email our support team using the form found on our Contact Page

Mobile Phone Problems

Q: I received an SMS but it isn't in my Inbox.

A: MobileRota downloads are sent as Service Messages. These will be delivered to your phone's Service Inbox. This may be called "Service Messages", "Browser Messages" or "Web Messages".

On some phones they will also arrive as a text message.
Please open this message and follow the instructions on your phone to continue with the download.

Q: I can't find the MobileRota application on my phone.

A: Most phones will install downloaded applications to the Games menu, so the application will appear as a game. Some phones will allow you to install the application to another location, or to move the application after installing it. Possible locations are Extras, Applications or Utilities, but see your phone manual for details.

Click here if you need help in finding the WAP Message on your phone.

Q: I seem to be experiencing problems accessing the application that was sent to my phone.!

It is possible that you do not have WAP enabled on your handset, please contact your service provider who will be able to assist you.

Or use the links below to help you set up WAP on your phone.

Phone Manufacturers

Sony Ericsson

Service Providers

3 Mobile

iPhone and Android Installation Instructions

Please go to the relevant app store, download the free version of MobileRota and install it on your phone.

Then go to www.mobilerota.com/register.php and complete the registration form.

When you reach the shift pattern wizard you need to follow the instructions and enter your shift pattern. When you have done this click 'Approve Pattern'.

If you need any help at this stage please don't hesitate to email us.

Now open the app on your phone and choose synchronise (Android) or refresh (iPhone) your shift pattern will now appear.

It is possible that you may need a strong signal or a wi-fi connection to perform this.

BlackBerry Installation Instructions:

If you cannot find the message from MobileRota:
Go to SMS and MMS Folder
Press menu button
Scroll to view folder
Scroll to WAP Push Messages and you will find it here.

Open message and click on the link


App successful - OK or Run

On first use you may be prompted to input your mobile number - please use the international format E.G 447734 ...........

Website Problems

Q: Why can't I view the website ?

A: The MobileRota website is written for Firefox 2 or better and IE 7 or better. JavaScript must be enabled on your browser for it to operate correctly, and any script-blocking tools (for example NoScript under Firefox) must be instructed to allow scripts to run on www.mobilerota.com. If you are having problems with another browser, please let us know which browser (and which version) and we will see if we can update the site to accommodate it.

Q: Why I can't see the captcha phrase ?

A: The captcha is an image, so you browser must be set up to display images. Firefox users may find the information in http://kb.mozillazine.org/Images_or_animations_do_not_load useful:- "If images don't load: In Firefox 1.0.x or Mozilla Suite go to your advanced JavaScript settings and make sure 'Change Images' is enabled. This option was removed in Firefox 1.5 so you'll need to type about:config in the address bar and check the list to verify that the related preference dom.disable_image_src_set is set to 'false'. If it isn't, context-click (right-click) the preference name and select 'reset', or double-click to toggle."

Shift Generator Help

Here is some extra help if you are having problems setting up your shift pattern.

If you are the first person from your company to try MobileRota then you will have to generate your shift pattern following the steps below.

Colleagues on the same pattern can then save time by using this template themselves. If they are on a different leg of the same pattern all they will have to do is change the start date to re-align the pattern to their own schedule they will not have to re-enter the whole pattern.

(The start date is used purely for the Generation of your shift pattern and does not affect the life of the application on your phone).

Shift Pattern Wizard Step 1

  1. In the box next to the words Existing Shifts click on the drop down menu and choose 'Generate New Shift Pattern'

  2. Give Your Shift Pattern a description that colleagues will recognise - for example 56 day rotation or 2 days, 2 nights 4 off etc.

  3. Shift Pattern Start Date - if you choose the present date then you can fill in the boxes below starting with the shift or rest day that you are on today.

  4. Length of Pattern - this figure represents the total number of days in your shift pattern cycle, e.g. if you work 2 days, 2 evenings, 2 nights and 4 rest days before returning on days then the length of your pattern is 10, so you would enter 10 in this box. So work this out and enter the appropriate number. In this case it will allocate 10 boxes, each with a drop down menu, for you to choose a description that best fits your situation.

  5. Week Start - this chooses which day of the week MobileRota will show as the first day on your rota, either Sunday or Monday.

Shift Pattern Wizard Step 2

  1. Use the drop down arrow to open the menu for 'Day 1' and choose the shift that best describes the shift you are on that day, e.g. days, evenings or nights, and then repeat this for each day of your cycle.

  2. As you make your choices you will see the pattern on our web phone update to form your shift pattern.

  3. When you have finished, check the pattern for accuracy and only when you are satisfied click on the 'Approve Pattern' button. This pattern will then be sent to your mobile phone.

  4. 4. If you already have the app and are just adding a new pattern then when you click 'Approve Pattern' all you need to do is to open the app on your phone go to menu and choose synchronise - this will then read in the revised details.

If your company shift pattern already exists then follow the steps below.

  1. Click on Existing Shifts and choose the shift pattern that relates to you. Don't worry if it seems out of synch with your schedule as this can be adjusted.

  2. Use the Shift Pattern Start Date to align the rota with your leg of the pattern and check this on our web phone, if you make a mistake just try again.

  3. When you have finished, check the pattern for accuracy and only when you are satisfied click on the 'Approve Pattern' button. This pattern will then be sent to your mobile phone.

If your pattern is not already there then click on 'Generate New Pattern' and follow the steps above.

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Why MobileRota ?
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  • MobileRota now has versions for both Blackberry and Android phones!
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"I write to inform you how excellent your shift rota is, I find it easy and quick to use as my shifts are the only boxes coloured, and with the date highlighted I instantly know where I am. Having it on my mobile phone means that it is always with me at work, home and more importantly at social gatherings. I am very pleased and shall be subscribing annually."
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